Montréal Design Declaration

From October 16 to 25, 2017, Montréal had the honour of hosting professionals from around the world as part of the very first World Design Summit. At the summit’s conclusion, an important declaration was adopted by many international organizations representing designers, architects, urban planners, and landscape architects. The declaration formalizes a common position around the use of design to resolve and overcome the huge economic, social, environmental, and social challenges to come all around the world.


The Montréal Design Declaration calls for action in nine areas: design advocacy, development of design metrics, development of design policies, development of design standards, enhancement of design education, responsive design, responsible design, vigilant design, and the recognition of design’s value by all stakeholders of civil society. Montréal’s Bureau du design applauds this strong international mobilization – a historic moment in creating a policy position for design.

Take a look at the PDF for further information or click here.

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