7th International Design Week_EMU

7th International Design Week_EMU will foster design around the theme ‘The HUB’, this year at the Eastern Mediterranean University, Faculty of Architecture, throughout 15-18 May, 2017.

“Eastern Mediterranean University International Design Week (EMU Int-DW)” will bring together a number of key professionals, artists, academics, and students of design working in the realm of architecture and design. The programme, which is configured as an organization of the Faculty of Architecture, aims at fostering an interdisciplinary exchange of ideas and production within an international platform.


Planned to take place at the academic calendar of the EMU Faculty of Architecture, this event will be organized yearly in the month of May by setting a particular conceptual framework. The EMU Int-DW will be four days long and free-of-charge- event; the programme of which involves a number of interdisciplinary workshops, seminars, presentations, and exhibitions for students of art, design, and architecture. The programmed activities will be open to the students of the EMU Faculty of Architecture, as well as applicants from Famagusta, all over Cyprus, and the world.

Link: http://int-dw.emu.edu.tr/

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